Education Plan

"The mission of the Johnson O'Malley program is to address the unique cultural needs of American Indian students attending the Minneapolis Public Schools through a supplemental program of services planned, developed and approved by the Local Indian Education Committee".

The following supplemental programs and education objectives were planned, developed, and approved by the Indian Education Committee. The Indian Education Committee oversees the implementation and evaluation of the supplemental programs.

Schools and Students to be Served

Minneapolis Johnson O’Malley program relies on the Minneapolis Public School District Indian Education program for its annual student population count within its Schools.

The overall size and locations of the Minneapolis Public Schools provide a delivery challenge to JOM services.

Educational Problems and Concerns that are Addressed by JOM

A. Cultural Identity is the primary issue to be addressed. Many of the concerns that we need to address are a result of this issue. The LIEC and Public Hearing/s along with household mailings compliments studies done by various scholars, institutions and tribal entities throughout the United States that concur “regular attendance at the same school and that cultural sensitivity need to occur to improve the performance of Indian students". These findings indicate that American Indian students that are involved in cultural activities at their school do better than students who are not involved in cultural activities.

B. Attendance of American Indians continues to be a major concern in all grade levels, with 9th and 10th graders having the worst attendance. Again, this is a by-product of having a lack of cultural identification. Transportation also adds to the problem and hinders regular attendance due to suspension from school buses and parents not having the financial resources to transport the students. American Indian Student Dropout Rates and Overall Dropout Rates is also a concern of JOM.

C. Parent Involvement is also a critical issue by American Indian parents. Parents wish to be involved but are not knowledgeable about the educational system and the way it works. Additionally, cultural differences are a large part of the parent's lack of comfort in their interaction with school personnel.

D. Additional Issues Facing American Indian Students.

1. Tutoring
2. School Supplies
3. Transportation
4. Sports or Activity Participation Fees
5. Extra Curricular Activities

Goals and Objectives of JOM



Attempt to assist all - JOM eligible - American Indian students in the Minneapolis Public School District through various American Indian Culturally Appropriate Dynamics. To assure parents that JOM is available for their children in their educational endeavors while in the Minneapolis Public Schools through mailings, school district staff and various functions within the American Indian community
Acknowledge the Attendance needs from the parents, students or district staff and pursue to resolve requests in interaction amongst all involved. Maintain positive contact in service related assistance towards student achievement in all plausible requests to ensure that American Indian students are in school consistent with the Minneapolis Public School attendance policy.
Assist students in their academic endeavors through acknowledging various encounters that surface in all grades in the Minneapolis Public School environment. Provide Tutorial Assistance in schools/homes or community agencies/organizations for positive academic achievement.
The LIEC will attach significance to academic essentials for the students in the Minneapolis Public Schools. The LIEC will attempt to provide school supplies to JOM eligible Minneapolis American Indian students in the Minneapolis Public Schools.
The LIEC will assume some responsibility for transportation of students who are not within the Minneapolis Public School transportation policy and its limits. The Minneapolis JOM program will provide Bus Passes to eligible American Indian students on a case by case basis.
The LIEC will act in agreement with the students in pursuing athletic enthusiasm for combining study and athletic zeal. The Minneapolis JOM program will provide educational support items to eligible American Indian students on a case by case basis for sporting activities.
The LIEC will positively consider all requests for activities outside the normal classroom requirements. The Minneapolis JOM program will provide assistance for extra Curricular Activities within the scope of personal development and cultural curriculum/crafts.

Various Sources were used to identify each need, such as MPS Data., Community forums, Mailing to each eligible JOM family, Public Hearing, and the US Census.

Johnson O'Malley Program Evaluation

The Johnson O'Malley program staff provides written/oral reports to the Johnson
O'Malley Local Indian Education Committee.

The Local Indian Education Committee holds at least one retreat yearly to review the
Education Plan, assesses accomplishments and modify the plan if necessary.